Situated on the protected South fork of the St. Lucie River, Stuart Yacht provides complete yacht service. With a well-rounded, highly respected crew of mechanics, carpenters, painters, and riggers, our crew works year round on a variety of projects from basic hull maintenance to total interior refurbishments.


Our buildings are clean, tidy, lighted, and well equipped. Concrete haul out pads provide an excellent working surface for maintaining our high quality standards. We operate a 50-ton travel lift and have covered slips for maintenance projects.


Our mechanical team is best known for its ability to decipher fuel system problems, trouble-shoot electrical system issues, and re-power engines.  We have experience solving the most difficult yacht system problems.  We have a yacht architect on staff to insure we can solve every problem you bring us. We offer a wide array of design and engineering services for the most demanding situation.


Our finish department is headed by an industry veteran, with over 25 years in the business. Our reputation for fine finish work includes AWL-Grip, varnish, and conventional paint application. In addition, this crew is well-versed in major fiberglass repair.


Our electronics projects are handled by qualified marine electricians capable of handling any electrical project or challenge. Our specialty is major electrical upgrades, bringing older yachts up to current design specs, and making your live onboard a pleasure free of constant electrical faults.


Our carpentry shop is fully equipped for the most demanding refurbishment job. Recognized to be among the best in the business, this department is headed by another industry veteran. Whether tackling interiors, built-ins, transoms, trim, or plank-on-frame restoration work, our wood shop crew is meticulous.

We would love the opportunity to offer our yacht care services. Please call us to learn more, or visit us for a tour of our facilities.